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Prince Silver Stainless Peeler

Prince Silver Stainless Peeler

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Introducing the world's finest peeler carefully selected by Bernal Cutlery. In pursuit of a durable, non-plastic alternative, they've uncovered a stainless steel gem designed for years of dependable service.

With an ergonomic design and a finely finished sharp stainless blade, this peeler ensures smooth and effortless work. Caution is advised to keep fingers clear of the blade. The peeler head features gouges on both sides, offering a touch of sophistication to effortlessly remove unwanted potato eyes.

Dimensions: H 140mm / W 70mm / D 27mm

Crafted in Japan, this peeler boasts a stainless steel body and a hardened stainless steel blade, combining precision and durability for a superior peeling experience.

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