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Full Circle Ghee | Curry Spice

Full Circle Ghee | Curry Spice

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Enjoy the wonderful taste of Full Circle Ghee | Curry Spice. Our locally-sourced, organic ghee is produced with traditional methods, and combined with a robust blend of curry spices. 

Inspiration for this infusion was found in Ethiopia where a version of ghee called Niter Kibbeh is made. Translating to "Spiced Butter," it uses spices and aromatics commonly found in East African, Middle Eastern, and Indian cooking. Combining proprietary spice blends from these cuisines and ghee in handmade batches, Curry Spice ghee invokes the flavors and aromas of these regions. Great care is used in toasting each spice individually to maximize their own unique flavors and blended with a base of aromatics to create a pleasing and delicious harmony.

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