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Rancho Gordo Wild Rice

Rancho Gordo Wild Rice

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Wild rice, often mistaken as a true "rice," is actually an "aquatic seed." This grain, native to the New World, has typically been reserved for holiday meals or paired solely with salmon. However, wild rice is a versatile everyday ingredient that deserves more recognition. Its delightful chewy texture and rich nutty flavor make it a perfect complement to beans, sautéed vegetables, and more. While it requires a longer cooking time of about an hour, the process is simple and the results are incredibly rewarding.

Cooking Tips: To achieve the best results, cook wild rice until the grain opens and the white germ becomes visible. Enhance its flavor by cooking it with aromatic vegetables and water. Serve it alongside salmon, incorporate it into holiday stuffing, or mix it with ground beef and seasonal vegetables for a unique bell pepper stuffing experience.

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