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Masienda Heirloom Masa Harina | Blue Cónico

Masienda Heirloom Masa Harina | Blue Cónico

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Masienda’s Chef-Grade Masa Flour begins with single-origin heirloom corn, which is nixtamalized and then ground into a fine masa, or dough. For Masienda Chef-Grade Masa Flour, the masa then undergoes a low-and-slow drying process, which makes for a finished, shelf-stable masa flour that carefully preserves the flavor and nutrients of a freshly-milled masa. With the simple addition of warm water, the masa is transformed into the foundation for hundreds of dishes, including corn tortillas, tamales, tostadas, and other delicious preparations.

Masienda produced this Chef-Grade Masa Harina using their farmer partner Armando’s heirloom blue cónico. Grown in the highlands of Atlacomulco in Estado de México, cónico (especially the blue varieties now endemic to the region) has long been coveted for its application to table tortillas. Armando maintains a 5 hectare milpa that has been in his family for five generations, which is as far back as he can personally trace.


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