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Full Circle Ghee | Mediterranean Herb

Full Circle Ghee | Mediterranean Herb

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Crafted with organic herbs and aromatics, Full Circle's Mediterranean Herb ghee invites the fresh flavors of garlic and garden herbs into your kitchen. This ghee lends itself to any use but is especially superb for fish, pasta, and vegetables.

Made by hand in small batches with grass-fed, pasture-raised, and cultured butter from California. Includes Organic herbs and aromatics for flavor.

Garlic and herbs unite in the Mediterranean Herb ghee! It's delightful in place of olive oil and butter on simple appetizers of toasted bread, makes the tastiest sauteed mushrooms, and brings flavor home on a roast chicken. Eggs, proteins, and vegetables mesh very well with the milder and herb forward flavor. Also use when making soups for layers of flavor present in each bite, as a base for braises that will fill your kitchen, and with pasta to capture the characteristic flavors of Europe.

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