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Daybreak Seaweed Co. Golden State Seasoning Salt

Daybreak Seaweed Co. Golden State Seasoning Salt

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Daybreak Seaweed Co has partnered with Boonville Barn Collective on this everyday seasoning salt highlighting the flavors of the Golden State. They blended their signature Piment d’Ville chile powder with a nutrient-packed wakame seaweed, California-grown garlic and onions, and California sea salt. The result is an addictive everyday seasoning salt that’s perfect for grilling - veggies, fish, meat, corn, peaches, anything - and delicious in salad dressing or sprinkled on avocado toast. 

A sustainable, California take on old-school seasoned salts, this seasoning has mild heat from the chile powder, umami from the seaweed, and a crunch from the toasted garlic!
How to use:

  • perfect for grilling meat, fish, veggies, corn, or peaches

  • as a simple salad dressing: just drizzle oil, toss, then sprinkle some Golden State Seasoning Salt

  • season vegetables before roasting or use wherever your mom uses Lawry's seasoned salt :)

  • sprinkle on toasts of all kinds, as a a sustainable, umami-rich everything-but-the-bagel seasoning

Ingredients: Seaweed (Alaska Wakame), onion*^, garlic*^, Piment d’Ville chile powder*, and sea salt*

*California grown ^ organic

Net weight: 2.1 oz (60g)

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