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Sierra Sur | Martina Vaso Alto

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Yojuela Pottery

These pieces are from Oaxaca’s Sierra Sur community of Yojuela. This Indigenous community uses the natural resources from Oaxaca's Sierra Sur to create pottery native to the region. Elaborated with an ancestral dyeing technique, the dark tones from the pieces are the result of a natural dye made from oak.

From collecting the clay to firing their final pieces, their techniques are self taught, a tradition that is passed from one generation to the next.

This collection is brought to Home Ec by ConSentimiento, a platform that promotes and supports Mexican Artisans, traditional handcrafted techniques, and the heritage behind the craft. Founder Leilani Brambila works directly with the artisans in Oaxaca to bring these pieces to San Diego to share with our community. 

Each cup measures appx 5" tall and 3.5" wide across the top.

Unlike our previous ConSentimiento collections, we do not recommend "curing" this collection in salt water. We also suggest giving the piece a good soapy scrub before use. Hand wash only.