Wax Apple Chili Sauce

Wax Apple Chili Sauce

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From Los Angeles Times:

During one of her many trips back to Taiwan, Juliana Hung discovered a chile sauce made by a local chef’s mother, who made each batch by hand without a recipe. Back home in Los Angeles, Hung attempted to re-create the sauce and eventually came up with the formula she uses today. She makes hers by slowly frying garlic and lemongrass in grapeseed oil until golden and adding salt, sugar, ground Sichuan peppers, Thai chiles, Korean chile flakes and a little soy sauce. Satisfied with the results, she introduced her sauce to the pop-up dinners and cooking workshops she hosted out of her home. The sauce pingpongs between sweet and spicy with nubs of citrusy lemongrass and globs of jammy chopped chile. The heat is subtle (about a 2 out of 10) but accumulative. It sneaks up and leaves your lips tingling. It’s available in the Red Oil Collective box and online through the SoonMini website.


4 oz

Ingredients: Thai chili, lemongrass, chili powder, grapeseed oil, garlic, sichuan peppercorns, soy sauce, salt, sugar