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Sweet Deliverance Granola | Strawberry & Salty Peanut

Sweet Deliverance Granola | Strawberry & Salty Peanut

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Nothing beats a poolside lunch of peanut butter and jelly with potato chips, except this salty-sweet granola. The perfect blend of protein-packed peanuts with nutrient-dense chia, hemp, pumpkin, and flax seeds, plus strawberries two ways (you can have it all!) for a touch of sweetness. Let the nostalgia wash over you with every bite.

Born out of chef and postpartum doula Kelly Geary’s decades of experience in the food industry, Sweet Deliverance sets out to prove that granola can be more than just sugar and oats. What started as a granola recipe created to meet a client’s prenatal needs quickly turned into a savory-sweet mix the whole family (and neighborhood) was craving. With a growing collection of inspired flavors made from nourishing, nutrient-dense ingredients, Sweet Deliverance is turning breakfast into an all-day affair.

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