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Sfoglini x Diaspora Co. Turmeric Reginetti Pasta

Sfoglini x Diaspora Co. Turmeric Reginetti Pasta

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Sfoglini has teamed up with Diaspora Co. to bring us this special limited edition pasta. Made with Diaspora's founding spice, Pragati Turmeric, and Sfoglini's organic golden semolina, the ruffled, ribbon shaped Turmeric Reginetti bursts with color and packs an earthy, gingery aroma. This beautiful pasta pairs well with many other ingredients. Go sweet by topping with roasted root vegetables, coconut flakes, and a sprinkling of nutmeg. Or amp up the warmth with cumin, black pepper, and paprika.

Made in United States of America

In 2012, Sfoglini (Sfo-lee-nee) opened its doors with one clear mission, bring classic Italian style pasta back to New York. They’re dedicated to sourcing top quality North American organic grains and unique ingredients from local farms and green markets to bring you the same pasta served at some of New York’s most revered restaurants. Traditional bronze dies/plates produce a beautiful rough texture that gives your sauce something to cling to, and they slow-dry their pastas at low temperature to preserve flavor and nutrients.

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