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Peepal People Hot Sauce | Peela Patakha (Yellow Firecracker)

Peepal People Hot Sauce | Peela Patakha (Yellow Firecracker)

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Peepal People's most versatile sauce. Fruity, fiery habanero peppers are front-and-center, and compliment the sweetness of bell peppers and earthiness of haldi (turmeric) perfectly. Pairs well with just about everything - especially egg dishes or a steaming bowl of daal (lentil soup).

With Peepal People - first and foremost, our hope is to bring forth the distinct flavors of Pakistan to the modern American pantry; which is looking to diversify and curious to learn the nuances between fermented vs non-fermented, achaar vs hot sauce and Indian vs Pakistani flavors. Secondly, our desire is to change the narrative around hot sauces - and other spicy foods. Spice is deemed scary - as it is usually conveyed through images of hell, fire, devils, and even death - but it doesn't have to be so. As South asians who consume spice with every meal, Peepal People is our humble attempt at changing how heat and spice are perceived. To us, a desi hot sauce should be encouraging and inviting, rather than threatening and repelling. We want people to join us on this journey encourage other underrepresented groups to share theirs with the world too! Our sauces are a gesture of love from our people to people all over.

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