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Masienda Pura Macha | Chipotle + Coffee + Peanut

Masienda Pura Macha | Chipotle + Coffee + Peanut

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Pura macha is a playful nod to the traditional salsas machas of mexico. Salsa Macha is an oil-based chile condiment, traditionally prepared with some combination of chiles, nuts/seeds, spices, and dried fruits.

Chipotle + coffee + peanut is affectionately known as the red eye around masienda hq. A fiery blend of chipotle, Morita, and pasilla chiles have a cup of coffee with some peanuts. By far the spiciest of the Masienda machas, we especially spoon this on all meats (and, we mean all), roasted yams, carrots, and portobello mushrooms.

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