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Home Spice Whipped Za'atar Honey | Spicy!

Home Spice Whipped Za'atar Honey | Spicy!

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Spreadable Spicy Za'atar Spiced Whipped Honey. Home Spice's original Lebanese style za'atar mixed into whipped honey that has been steeped in Carolina Reaper Peppers. The perfect accompaniment to cheese, toast, yogurt and all things that you usually add hot honey to.

 This honey is sourced and packaged in Charleston, South Carolina by Apis Mercantile.

Lizzy is an artist turned chef who grew up in a Lebanese-American household in North Carolina before putting her culinary skills to the test in kitchens throughout Charleston, SC. After cooking for years and realizing a gluten free, ready-to-use za’atar was hard to come by, Lizzy started using her homemade za’atar in recipes. Home Spice began to grow from a passion project into a woman-owned business and along the way, she has created a spice mix that is gluten free, rich in antioxidants, and should be your new pantry staple.

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