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EXAU Olive Oil - 2020 Harvest Turi

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Harvested: 10/2020, Bottled: 12/2020
Opens on the nose highlighting the fresh fruitiness of olives picked at the right degree of ripeness, followed by delicate perceptions of ripe apple and tropical fruits, with herbaceous fragrances of freshly cut grass and vegetables that enhance the typical characteristics of the Carolea cultivar.
Very fluid on the palate, with clear references to fresh walnut and with clear pungent sensations of green pepper, in balance with the bitter notes of bitter almond, tempered by the calibrated sweetness of fresh fruit. In closing, retro-olfactory sensations that of dried fruit (bitter almond).
Recommended pairings: the Carolea monocultivar is the perfect combination raw on bruschetta, sautèed vegetables, anchovies, baked fish, and pasta al pomodoro.
This oil can be used as a cooking or finishing oil. This product makes a wonderful gift.
Store in a cool, dark place.

EXAU Olive Oil specializes in the production of Italian extra virgin olive oil. EXAU was founded by Giuseppe & Skyler, a 3rd generation Calabrian olive oil producer and a 3rd generation Californian. Combined, they have experience in the wine, design, and health industries, but their real passion lives in the olive groves.

Starting EXAU was the perfect opportunity to bring Calabria and California together. Giuseppe’s family has been producing high-quality olive oil from their seaside estate for almost 100 years, and Skyler is passionate about agriculture and olive oil education. By melding traditional techniques with modern marketing (and a good dose of Calabrian stubbornness), they're proud to be disrupting an industry.

EXAU marries the modern culinary needs of Americans with 80+ years of Calabrian tradition. They have become an internationally recognized brand and produce award-winning extra virgin olive oil.