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EXAU Olive Oil | Lina

EXAU Olive Oil | Lina

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The olfactory impact is harmonious, which presents itself with a clear and intense perception of fruitiness of olives picked still green, alongside evident impressions of unripe apple, freshly cut grass, tropical fruits, wild and field vegetables. The very high fluidity in the mouth is followed by a high level of perception of nuts.
On the palate it is balanced and full, very pungent and bitter, not very sweet, with a fresh taste of chicory and cauliflower. On the finish, it is rightly spiced with black pepper, with plenty of fresh walnut.
Recommended pairings: In the kitchen, the Lina pairs well with fennel soup, artichoke pie, pork chops, baked stuffed rabbit, bonito, and blue fish. Also pairs well with cooked vegetables, mushrooms, salads, and soups with a strong taste.
This oil can be used as a cooking or finishing oil. This product makes a wonderful gift.
Store in a cool, dark place.

EXAU Olive Oil specializes in the production of Italian extra virgin olive oil. EXAU was founded by Giuseppe & Skyler, a 3rd generation Calabrian olive oil producer and a 3rd generation Californian. Combined, they have experience in the wine, design, and health industries, but their real passion lives in the olive groves.

Starting EXAU was the perfect opportunity to bring Calabria and California together. Giuseppe’s family has been producing high-quality olive oil from their seaside estate for almost 100 years, and Skyler is passionate about agriculture and olive oil education. By melding traditional techniques with modern marketing (and a good dose of Calabrian stubbornness), they're proud to be disrupting an industry.

EXAU marries the modern culinary needs of Americans with 80+ years of Calabrian tradition. They have become an internationally recognized brand and produce award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

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