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Masienda Heirloom Masa Harina | White Corn

Masienda Heirloom Masa Harina | White Corn

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Why “Chef-Grade”?

Since launching in 2014, Masienda has collaborated with top chefs to develop custom, in-house masa programs for their restaurants around the world. While these programs have helped spark a fresh masa movement in professional kitchens, we recognized early on that not all kitchens would have the physical space or resources to execute daily masa production. Masa flour (masa harina) was a convenient alternative, but the leading options left more to be desired, from sourcing to quality.

Masienda Chef-Grade Masa Flour was developed to solve this problem, crafted to deliver:

  • Superior Flavor–derived from Masienda’s single-origin supply chain and culinary (never industrial) approach to sourcing

  • Consistency–We individually dial in the cook, nixtamal and grinding processes for each scratch-made batch

  • Ease of Use–Just add water (no molino required)

How It’s Made

Masienda’s Chef-Grade Masa Flour begins with single-origin heirloom corn (white olotillo) sourced from the tropical (coastal) climes of Oaxaca, Mexico.

This whole-kernel corn is gently cooked and steeped in slaked lime (alkaline) water, an ancient technique known as nixtamalization. This process softens the corn, imparts calcium and activates the essential amino acids and vitamin B3 found naturally in each kernel.

The kernels (now nixtamal) are then ground into a fine masa, or dough. For Masienda Chef-Grade Masa Flour, the masa then undergoes a low-and-slow drying process, which makes for a finished, shelf-stable masa flour that carefully preserves the flavor and nutrients of a freshly-milled masa.

With the simple addition of warm water*, the masa is transformed into the foundation for hundreds of dishes, including corn tortillas, tamales, tostadas and other delicious preparations.

Check it out here.

Masa Directions

1 Chef-Grade Masa Flour : 1.4 Water* (by weight e.g., 1 kg : 1.4 kg)

If you do not have a scale, one packed cup of Chef Grade-Masa Flour requires approximately one scant cup of water (by volume).

Slowly add the water to the dry masa flour in a large bowl, stirring the masa to incorporate evenly by hand (you may also choose to use a standup mixer with paddle extension). Knead until the water is evenly incorporated and no dry, powdery spots remain. Add salt, spices and seasonings to taste (optional), evenly incorporating throughout finished masa. If aiming for a masa for tortillas, you want a finished masa that is moist to touch, but not tacky (leaving bits of wet masa on your hand and fingers).

Once prepared, use immediately, or rehydrate with additional water before use (if waiting several minutes before use).

Tortilla Note: For additional hydration during tortilla cooking process, we recommend using a spray bottle/mister to lightly hydrate each side of the tortilla (to prevent dryness and cracking).

*Warm water (~100 degrees F, or the hot setting on your faucet) is recommended, in order to begin blooming the natural flavor of the masa and to fully activate the small bits of pericarp (corn skin) in the masa flour (which help the masa bind, naturally).


1 lb of Chef-Grade Masa Flour yields approximately  2.4 lb of service-ready masa (38 tortillas, weighing 1 oz each before cooked—84 tortillas in each 2.2 lb bag of Masienda Chef-Grade Masa Flour)

Store in cool, dry place for up to a year.

Ingredients: Non-GMO heirloom corn (premium), trace of lime

* Water can be substituted with other liquids such as stocks, broths, juices etc., depending on the desired flavor. Spices may also be added. Masienda respects tradition while encouraging creativity for all cooks.

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