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Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax Food Wraps

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OLSEN+OLSEN’s zero waste wrap are an easy way to help reduce the use of plastic in the kitchen. They are a versatile solution for sustainable food storage.

Plastic wrap and plastic bags are some of the easiest ways we contribute to waste. If you’re looking for a zero waste alternative, beeswax wraps are easy to use, all natural, and work just as well.

They are made with organic ingredients.

These can be placed over bowls, wrapped around food (like half a banana, or orange slices etc which are PERFECT for your littles lunches!), or folded to hold sandwiches. 

They’re pliable with the heat from your own hands and can be washed with cool water and soap to be used over and over again. 

-Large paper is 30 cm x 30 cm 

-Medium paper is 25 cm x 25 cm 

-Small paper is 20 cm x 20 cm

Care instruction: Hand wash in COLD water with biodegradable dish soap for the longest lifespan. Hang to dry or towel dry for immediate use. If unsoiled, (if it’s been covering a bowl of salad) just reuse or store our wrap in a clean, dry place, like a kitchen drawer until next time.

Color choice: Each set is a different color combination, and there are more available than what is pictured. If you have color preferences, just leave a note in the comment box of your shopping cart and let us know what you hope to receive! We will do our best.

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