Lisa's Mobile Plant Refresh

Lisa's Mobile Plant Refresh is temporarily paused. To be notified when this service is available again, please email us at


You can now book San Diego's most loved plant lady to come to your home or business and give your plants a spa day!

What does the Refresh service include?

This service will include thoughtful and attentive care for each of your houseplants, including the following:

  • Re-Potting into larger pot
  • Use of Good Dirt Soil
  • Use of Good Dirt Plant Food
  • Use of Good Dirt Plant Biotics
  • Pruning
  • Propagation (by request)
  • Best quality filtered water from The Water Lady
  • Leaf Shine

How much does this service cost?

The base price for this service will depend on the number of plants we are servicing. We request a minimum of 3 plants, which can be of any size. Pricing tiers are:

3-4 Plants: $120

5-6 Plants: $200

7+ Plants: Varies

This pricing includes the use of Lisa's tools and products and no additional purchases are required.

Should you request additional products from our shop, (pots, Good Dirt Products, new plants,) we will send you an invoice for these items and Lisa will bring them to your appointment.

How do I prepare for my upcoming appointment?

Upon booking, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out which will provide Lisa with all of the information she will need about your plants' needs and your requests. Please fill this out as soon as possible so that we can prepare for your appointment. 

On the day of your appointment, please leave your plants, pots, and jars or vases for propagation outdoors for Lisa to access without entering your home. This will be your front porch, most likely. If there are stairs, all items will need to be placed downstairs so that Lisa can access them using a dolly or cart and wheel them to her workstation, which will be outside. This is especially important for larger plants and pots.

If you have a driveway or parking spot, we greatly appreciate Lisa being able to use it to set up her workstation, as well. 

How long is the appointment? 

Our base appointment length is 1 1/2 hours and this will cover 3-6 plants. Larger jobs or plants with particular needs may need longer appointments and we will arrange that after you've filled out the questionnaire. 

Can I provide my own pots for the repotting?

Absolutely! We recommend only sizing up by 1-2" for your plant, and we always recommend using pots with drainage. Just leave the pots of your choice out with your plants on appointment day and we'll take care of it. 

I don't have new pots. Can I buy them from Home Ec?

Yes, of course. You can browse our pots here and select what you need. If we do not have what you're looking for, please describe your needs in the questionnaire and we will source them before your appointment. 

How far will you travel?

We are excited to service San Diego within the following boundaries. However, if you are slightly outside of this zone please get in touch with us and we can probably work something out. 

Rain or shine?

Rain or shine!

Can I pay with cash or Venmo?

All payment must be made through our booking system. We will send a PayPal invoice after your appointment which will include the service fee and any additional items you requested for your appointment. There will be a tip option on this invoice, as well. 

How do I book an appointment?


Lisa's Mobile Plant Refresh is temporarily paused. To be notified when this service is available again, please email us at